What Does That Mean? Part 1

Whether you are new to the industry or a seasoned vet, you’ve probably heard or seen abbreviations used for many things. You may know what some of them stand for…or you may not. To refresh your memory, we have defined many commonly used abbreviations and phrases. The first segment is A – C.

AMPC: Annual Meeting Program Committee
• Group of volunteers that organizes, plans, analyzes, and develops the education at the PCMA Annual Meeting.

APEX: Accepted Practices Exchange
• An initiative of the Convention Industry Council that is bringing together all stakeholders in the development and implementation of industry-wide accepted practices to create and enhance efficiencies throughout the meetings, conventions and exhibitions industry.

BEO: Banquet Event Order
• Detailed instructions for a particular event prepared by the facility

Breakout Sessions
• Smaller meetings within a larger meeting

CAE: Certified Association Executive
• A planner certification given by the American Society of Association Executives

Carbon Footprinting
• A Carbon Footprint is the measure of the amount of carbon dioxide emission that goes into the atmosphere as a result of daily human activities. Carbon footprint is usually expressed in equivalent tons of carbon or carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide is the most significant greenhouse gas produced by humans. Offsetting carbon footprints is one of the easiest ways to fight global warming.

CASE: Certified Association Sales Executive
• PCMA’s Sales certification

CEM: Certified Exhibition Management
• IAEE certification

CEU: Continuing Education
• The CEU is a nationally recognized unit of measurement for non-credit continuing education. One hour of approved instruction (actually 50 minutes) is worth one tenth (.1) of a CEU.

CHA: Certified Hotel Administrator
• Certification for Hotel General Managers

CHSE: Certified Hospitality Sales Executive
• This designation exemplifies credibility and confidence. It emphasizes the ability to meet demanding industry standards for sales professionalism and expertise.

CIC: Convention Industry Council
• Provides a forum for member organizations seeking to enhance the industry, CIC facilitates the exchange of information and develops programs to promote professionalism with the industry and educates the public on its profound economic impact.

CMM: Certified Meeting Manager
• MPI’s certification program, similar to CMP.

CMP: Certified Meeting Professional
• CIC’s certification of Meeting Planning, similar to CMM

Contingency Plan
• An alternative plan that may replace the original plan when circumstances change.

CSEP: Certified Special Events Professional
• Planning certification through the ISES.

CSM: Conference/Convention Services Manager
• Details and manages events for the supplier, providing all departments the specifications of the functions

CSR: Corporate Social Responsibility
• A way for an organization to recognize that it is a member of a larger community, and that its actions have an impact on the community

Cut-Off Date
• The Cut-Off Date is the date chosen by the hotel, and agreed in the event contract, that the hotel will stop accepting guest room reservations at the contracted group rate.

CVB: Convention and Visitors Bureau
• Not-for-profit destination marketing organization that represents and promotes a city or geographic area in the solicitation and servicing of all types of travelers to that city or area, whether they visit for business, pleasure or both.

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