Tips for Convening Leaders (or any industry event)

Top Ten Tips:

1. Avoid the other students (travel in pairs for safety though) and sit with professionals to maximize your networking

2. Ask questions, professionals are always willing to help. The Learning Lounge offers smaller and more intimate settings to learn, ask questions and grow

3. Yes, there’s enough food at receptions that you don’t have to pay for dinner after – but don’t spend all your time eating since you need to network

4. At receptions, be bold and walk right up to people, but be respectful of business being transacted

5. Use the online list of attendees to make a list of people you want to seek out, use Event Connect to start the networking before you get there

6. Use the online personal planner/app to make an agenda based off the sessions you are interested in. Tweet while in sessions to network even further

7. Don’t just play it safe by going to sessions that look simple, step outside your comfort zone and challenge yourself with a topic you know nothing about or that you’re uncomfortable with

8. Remember that no matter where you are in the city, a professional is near by – so act accordingly, one day they may be your boss, client or peer

9. Research any companies that you’re interested in so you can talk about current events with them

10. Prepare a list of networking questions, (ex – How did you get into the industry?) – that way you can continue to draw the conversation onto the professional, not on yourself. Often they’ll ask about your school, classes, or football so it’s your job to bring the topic back to the industry, because lets face it you won’t learn anything by gabbing about your school’s football team for 15 minutes

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