BloggedIn with Kristen Roget, CMP

Kristen Roget is a Director, Strategic Account Management at Experient. She attended George Mason University, where she obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication with a focus in Public Relations.

Her first look at the events industry was during an internship she had during college at the Association of the US Army. Throughout the internship, Kristen floated between various departments, helping where she was needed. It was her time spent assisting in the events department that she enjoyed the most and what ultimately led her down this career path.

Kristen has been at Experient for her entire career and has just celebrated her 10 year anniversary with them. Over the years, she has worked her way up the ladder. Starting as the Receptionist/Meeting and Event Coordinator to the Director position she has held for the past year.

“My experience level has increased because I’ve dealt with so many types of associations with different needs.” Every association is different and has different goals they want to accomplish. As a third party management company, Experient consults with associations on all aspect of their event management from planning, housing, registration, contracts, etc. Outsourcing these tasks allows associations to focus more on the core of their meetings.

Kristen is responsible for accounts as a whole and the sourcing of hotel contracts for them. She also needs to have a good understanding of the associations that hire her and what their goals are, as she helps align the event goals with their association goals. In a nutshell, Kristen’s primary focus is “helping them (the client) with their bigger picture!”

So, what’s the best part of Kristen’s job? The PEOPLE! Working in the events industry gives you endless opportunities to meet and establish relationships with people who do a wide variety of things. Second to that is being able to see your event all the way through from start to finish. “We’re lucky, it’s never the same thing twice…we don’t have the monotony like some other jobs.”

On the flipside though, working in this industry can pose many challenges. Fortunately, Kristen likes to be challenged. “If something doesn’t go our way I see it as a new opportunity.” There’s always room to learn and grow and facing challenges give you a great tool to do that. It doesn’t hurt to be prepared either. If you start early and always check and balance yourself you give yourself the time and opportunity to see what needs to be changed in advance.

One of the biggest (and coolest) challenges Kristen has faced was when a client had John Legend as a speaker. They knew the session would be extremely popular and it was imperative that EVERY seat was full in order to accommodate as many as possible in the ballroom. Additionally, they needed to devise a plan on how and where to broadcast the session elsewhere for those who couldn’t fit in the ballroom. “This was an ALL HANDS ON DECK moment.” They came up with a plan and everyone worked together to execute it. Their plan was successful…and to make it better it was done QUICKLY!

When it comes to PCMA, Kristen has found being an ACTIVE member has proven to be extremely helpful. Kristen first joined the membership committee for the Capital Chapter because it was something that wasn’t part of her job but is a big part of her client’s. “It was a way to learn that segment, so I can offer advice to clients. It’s a free education piece and a good way to learn.” Kristen is currently finishing her term as a Board Member for the PCMA Capital Chapter. Showing that there’s a lot you can do by getting involved!

Kristen leaves us with this, “Embrace all opportunities. There’s so much to offer in this industry. Get exposure to as much as possible…and learn technology and global relations because their impact is growing.”

If you have any questions for Kristen or about the industry in general, please comment below.

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