Your Professional Development, Growth and Success is Solely Your Responsibility…NO ONE ELSES!!!

Written by:  Jim Kelley, Vice President, Industry Relations, Production Resource Group, LLC

Seems a little harsh doesn’t it?  Don’t let the harshness of the title diminish the fact that we are in a great industry filled with people who want to help you grow, develop and be successful both personally and professionally.

When you were a child your parents most likely selected where you would go to school for the first twelve years of your life.    While many of us may have been fortunate to have great teachers who impacted our lives, the truth is they were paid and accepted positions that required that they be focused on your development, growth and success and for all practical purposes held our hands through most of this process.

When you got to college the choices and ownership began to swing away from your professors and parents to you as it related to your development growth and success.

Now you are a professional who is going to be responsible for your development, growth and success.   Remember responsibility is different than supporting, assisting and mentoring.    A good employer is going to do the latter…but only if you take the first step and show them your desire to take ownership and accountability for your own actions.

Accountability is defined as the obligation or willingness to accept responsibility or to account for one’s actions.

For the purposes of this article I am going to provide you three areas of accountability to think about.


  • Fitness and Health
  • Family
  • Financial
  • Spiritual
  • Community
  • Career
  • Continued Education/Professional Development

There is a reason I mentioned YOUR GOALS first.  For you to be successful you must first be happy and know what you want for yourself.  As much as I enjoy working as part of the PRG team and believe in what we do, the reality is that they allow me to focus on my goals, support me in achieving them and because of that I do my best everyday to help my employer achieve the company’s goals and objectives; a classic WIN-WIN.


  • How do you communicate with others
  • Where do you choose to spend your time
  • Your manners and behavior towards others
  • How do you respond to adversity
  • Your attitude and thoughts

Every choice you make defines you, shapes you and lays the foundation for your future.    Let me be very clear, the right choice is not always easy, is not always clear…but it is always worth making.   One last thought on choices; whether it’s not making a choice and avoiding a response, your lack of action is a decision, it is a choice.   When you decide not to choose you give away your power and your ability to make an impact on your future.


  • Doing what you agreed to do
  • Returning calls, text, and e-mails in a timely manner (returning a phone call with a text…does not count)
  • Being on time for appointments, calls, and projects
  • Being a good steward of organizational resources (money, supplies, time)
  • Stay focused on your job and say no more often

Responsibility is not something you decide to do once in a while, it is a way of thinking, being and living your life professionally and personally.   Responsibility is a two way street in that you need to accept responsibility for your actions and outcomes (team or individual) be them positive or negative.

Now back to your development, growth and success.   If you are clear with your goals, you make choices based on the information available to the best of your ability.  Take 100% responsibility for your actions.  Surround yourself with people inside your organization, our professional community and your personal life that will mentor you, push you, guide you and when needed carry you.

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