Capitalize on Commitment!

Written By: R. Brittany WrinnHospitality Student/Schoenbrodt Honors Student, Howard Community College, Columbia, MD

The Event 11.2014

(Photo of some EPC Members at The Event)

Entertainment met networking, and the result was a fantastic event! What was the event? The PCMA Capital Chapter’s Annual Meeting at DC’s Hard Rock Café!

As a Hospitality Student of Howard Community College, it was my pleasure to be invited by Professor Sheryl Brannon, CMP and Co-Chair for PCMA Emerging Professional as her personal guest. The weeks, days, and hours leading up to the event were overwhelmed with excitement and curiosity in regards as to what should be expected. All I was informed of was to dress professionally (a given), and relax because it will be a lot of fun. This was an understatement.

Being prior service and having the mindset of “If you’re on time, you’re late” drilled into my mind, I showed up early to the event. As I walked in the doors, set up was still taking place, but there were a handful of guests already present and mingling. I knew one of them and spotted her as soon as I walked in. Before I even had the chance to make my way over towards her table, Ms. Mary Gallagher shouted the friendliest hello you could possibly imagine and began waving me over. Anxiety never had a chance. Ms. Gallagher proceeded to introduce me to the rest of the present company, and it was delightful to be immersed into the conversation. The remainder of the night proceeded with a similar fashion, and by the end of the evening, I had shaken more hands than I could recall, and received more career insight in those few hours, than I had through the dozen of career interviews I had conducted the last few months.

During a conversation with Ms. Brannon, I mentioned to her how excited I was to go home and submit a student application to become a member of the Chapter, and she smiled at me, shook her head, and said, “Absolutely Not. I am sponsoring you.”

Anyone can tell you about the networking opportunities and fun of attending events such as the PCMA Capital Chapter’s Annual Meeting, but until you attend yourself, words alone cannot describe the excellent company you will be in when you attend these events. It was such a pleasure to meet all of the wonderful Chapter Members, and I look forward to my membership in the New Year and attending more of these exciting events!

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