BloggedIn with Alexis B. La Broi, CMP, MBA

Alexis La Broi has been the Mid-Atlantic Regional Sales Manager for Media Vision since mid-2014.  However, her experience in the industry, AV specifically, goes back 20 years!  Her passion for it started in high school when she was involved in theater and learned how to build sets.

While attending Northwestern, where La Broi studied Technical Theatre, she obtained a job with the on campus AV company.  “That’s when I realized I could get PAID to do this and turn it into a career!”  After graduating, Alexis decided to take the hotel route and went to work for PSAV, Swank Audio Visuals, and then AVI-SPL.  She knew there’d be great learning opportunities in that avenue and she also wanted to have the option to transfer with a company and keep the same level of seniority.

La Broi moved to the Washington, DC area when a Director position became available at a smaller hotel.  “It was beneficial to take on that level role for the first time at a small hotel.”  In a hotel of that size, she was encouraged to try new things, which allowed her to grow more into her role.

Throughout Alexis’s career, she has gone from providing hotel AV services to outside AV production to where she is now in AV tech product sales.  “It’s also been about how to communicate better and increase communication for an event.  What I do now serves the same purpose, it’s just a different place on the spectrum.”

Media Vision is a leading provider of professional wired and wireless conferencing solutions for multipurpose meeting rooms, VTC boardrooms, training centers, council chambers and auditoriums.”  It is Alexis’s job to sell these systems by making sure everyone knows what they have available and understands it.  “Many people are afraid of tech talk, so I keep it in laymen’s terms so everyone can relate.”

Media Vision is La Broi’s first attempt on the selling side of the spectrum.  But she says, “I enjoy it and everything can be learned!”  Her favorite thing so far are the demos she sets up.  She meets with end users, sets up their product(s) and presents on how Media Vision can help solve an issue.  “It allows me to connect with people in person and find out what they really have a need for.”  The downside she says…the equipment can be heavy!

Now, we’ve all been there and thought what could I have done differently?  As a manager, La Broi tried to teach and be the best manager she knew how to be.  “But I think, maybe I could have helped them more or been more encouraging to those I managed.  If nothing else though, what I did then makes me better now and allows me to handle similar situations better.”

If Alexis could pinpoint the most challenging aspect of her career to date it would be helping to open a hotel property.  “It’s A LOT of hard work, but at the same time gives you an appreciation for everything that goes into it.”  You’re always going to face challenges in your career, but it’s important to turn them into learning opportunities.

When it comes to PCMA, “the people are genuinely happy to see you!  And that keeps me coming back for more!”  PCMA offers outstanding networking and educational programs that allow businesses to see their ROI.  “They do things right!”

As we come to a close, Alexis leaves us with this advice: “Look for a mentor.”  It’s more helpful then you realize to have someone to talk to about work and job issues.  Alexis has had and has been a mentor.  “It really helps to help guide you with things you should or should not do.”

Please leave any questions or comments for Alexis below.


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