Create a Lasting Impression on Your Career!


Mentorship sounds like a daunting task and may come at an inopportune time; However, there comes a lot of pride in challenging yourself to become a mentor or protégé. When you step into this world of Mentorship with dedication and commitment, you open yourself and others to new career development and problem solving.

When a professional has a mentor, it makes the career path less lonely and provides guidance for those times when we need direction. That’s why you NEED to participate in the Capital Chapter Mentorship Program as an experienced mentor or a protégé looking for guidance and someone to ask questions to.

As Steven Spielberg once said “The delicate balance of mentoring someone is not creating them in your own image, but giving them the opportunity to create themselves.” It’s never too early nor too late to begin a mentorship. We all have something to learn and pass on to one another to achieve career and life goals. It is one of the greatest rewards to empower someone or be that someone whom is empowered. Be a success story and join the mentorship program today, it’s the perfect time!

Program Goals:

  • To help increase confidence, knowledge and industry connections for protégés and even mentors
  • Foster interpersonal growth and self-enrichment
  • Provides opportunity for mentors to give back and be more involved on a smaller scale
  • Builds the PCMA and meeting planning community

Program Expectations:

  • Mentors and protégés actively communicate regularly (2-5 times a month)
  • Mentors and protégés meet in person at least once a month *location permitting
  • Mentors and protégés report back to the program coordinators on their progress and goals

How do I sign up to be a mentor or a protégé?

You will be asked to take a brief self-evaluation where we will receive your contact information and a little more about you and what you are looking to get out of the program. Then you will be matched up accordingly with the mentor or mente that is right for you!

Click one of the following links to get started!

Want to be a mentor? Click here!

Want to be a protege? Click here!

Email Enrique Juarez at with any questions! He will guide you in the simple sign up process for both mentors and protégés!

Are you convinced? What more could you need? Be proactive in your career and sign up today!

Enrique Juarez, Director of Group Sales, Marriott Phoenix Tempe at the Buttes



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