“Make a difference on a smaller scale.”

The goal of the Mentorship Program is to cultivate relationships between emerging professionals and veteran meeting experts. The program will equip emerging professionals with tools that can help them navigate through their career path and the industry. Mentor/mentee matches are based on professional goals, areas of growth and common interests. Learning doesn’t stop with mentees. We hope that the mentors can gain knowledge from the mentees as well. Whether you are a planner, hotelier, CVB representative or vendor? Sign up today and make a greater impact in the industry.

Program Expectations:

  • Mentor and mentee meets 1x a month
  • Be accessible, responsive, and communicate as often as your schedule permits
  • Quarterly updates
  • End of the program recognition

Once matched, the participants will receive a program expectation outline, guidance for staying engaged and contact information to launch the mentorship experience.


Take your career to the next level and become a mentee. Sign up here and fill out the brief evaluation.

  • Increase confidence, knowledge, and connections in the industry
  • Get free advice
  • Build relationships


Interested in Serving as a mentor? Make a difference in an emerging professional career and become a mentor. Sign up here and fill out the brief evaluation.

  • Reshape the next emerging professional
  • Learn from your mentee
  • Make a difference in the industry and be more involved on a smaller scale

Have questions? Please email Rasheena Wilson at wilsonr@aaps.org. They will guide you in the sign up process for both mentors and mentees!

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