Radford University Students In Search of Internship Opportunities

Radford University’s senior undergraduate students in Tourism and Special Events are looking for a 560 hour or 14-week internship in the field of tourism / recreation / event planning. This can be in form of in-person or home office, and be a paid or an unpaid internship. The agency will evaluate the student intern in terms of his/her skills, competencies, and appropriateness based on standards of professionalism for the field. The internship should start by the end of August the latest, but all the hiring process with all the paperwork should be completed by August 18th. The paperwork is rather simplistic from our side and should be completed once the intern is hired. Please view the Agency Form via the following link and contact Anita Zátori, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Recreation, Parks and Tourism Departments, azatori@RADFORD.EDU with any questions https://www.radford.edu/content/dam/colleges/cehd/rcpt/Internships%20and%20Jobs/AgencyInternshipSurvey2018.pdf



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